The purpose of this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy is to provide information about the processing of personal data gathered through our Webpage and to comply with the legal provisions of Ecuador regarding the protection of personal data and the privacy of personal information. This Privacy Policy seeks to comply with the Organic Law for Personal Data Protection (the “Data Protection Law”) published in Official Gazette Supplement 459 on May 26, 2021, which establishes the general provisions that regulate the subject matter.

To guarantee the privacy and the appropriate use of information from users of Quito Airport’s website (, we inform you that CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A. is responsible for the storage, use and handling of personal data.

CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A., in its capacity as the data controller, has its registered office at Vía a Tababela S/N y Vía a Yaruquí, Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Sucre de Quito, Edificio Quito Airport Center, segundo piso.

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, you can contact us at the following email address: [email protected] or through the “PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING QUERY OR CLAIM FORM” which is available on the webpage. The response time for any query will be 15 business days from the date on which the corresponding request was made, in accordance with the Organic Law for Personal Data Protection.

 1.1 What personal data is collected?

The website of Quito Airport ( will collect the following data: name, surname, email address, country, city, subject matter, and comments of users who seek to contact the company. By submitting the contact request, this means that you have read, understood, and accepted the use of your data collected in accordance with this policy. The user can navigate this page anonymously if desired.

1.2 Why is this data collected?

Users’ data is stored, processed, and handled for the following purposes:

  1. To provide a digital communication channel for users who need to digitally obtain corporate information, information about the travel process and about the services offered by the airport.
  2. To contact the individuals who request this, offering the information requested.
  3. To respond to requests for information, assistance or services.
  4. To respond to complaints, claims and requests from users, including the ability to contact users to appropriately process the request and respond satisfactorily.
  5. To obtain anonymous statistics about claims and requests made through the webpage.
  6. To follow up on the successful resolution of requests and claims.
  7. To give notice of changes to this Privacy Policy.
  8. Mailing for advertising, commercial or information purposes by any means, including electronically, about the products and services of CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A. or those provided at Quito Mariscal Sucre International Airport.

1.3 How is data handled?

CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A. will process personal data provided by the user based on the user’s express consent (Art. 7.1, Data Protection Law), requested for the specific case, and the express acceptance of the content of this Privacy Policy.

CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A. is authorized to use the user’s information to satisfy the legal obligations or requests by the competent authorities which it is required to comply with, as well as to pursue its legitimate interests.

To maintain the security of the collected data, a series of technological, physical, administrative, organizational and legal measures are used to protect the information that has been provided voluntarily by the users.

If a third party requests information, in accordance with existing legal regulations, CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A. will require compliance with these Privacy Policies, guaranteeing the exercise and protection of the rights of the data subject.

1.4 Storage Period

 Your personal data will be processed and stored for the period necessary to fulfill the stated purposes. When CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A. no longer needs to use your personal data to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, or to satisfy contractual or legal obligations, your personal data will be deleted from the system and records, or we will take the necessary steps to proceed with the anonymization of your personal data so that it can no longer identify you.

The right to erasure will not apply when CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A. needs to keep your information, including personal data, to satisfy legal obligations.

 1.5 Do I have a right to update, rectify, object to, erase, or suspend the use of my data?

You are within your rights, and you may exercise these rights in accordance with the Data Protection Law. In addition to your right to withdraw consent at any time, you can make an access request to find out what personal information is held by CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A. and how the information is processed and used.

CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A. is not responsible for damages arising from the processing of incomplete or inaccurate data, from suspension or objection. The data collected is the exclusive responsibility of the user.

If you wish to take any of the above action, get in touch with us through the contact form on this website. Alternatively, as the data subject, you could send your request directly to [email protected].

1.6 Can data be transferred?

The information stored by CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A. will NOT be sold, assigned, or transferred, save for the cases mentioned below.  This information will only be used by the company, those who work for the company and its business partners, and they must abide by this Privacy Policy.

CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT may transfer personal data internationally when this is necessary to comply with a contract, to store the data in secure servers, to satisfy a legal obligation or a request by a competent authority, to pursue its legitimate interests, or by virtue of the data subject’s consent. These transfers will be carried out with the corresponding regulation, implementing the best standards for the international transfer of personal data, guaranteeing the rights of the data subjects by implementing appropriate safeguards.

1.7 What about external websites? 

CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A. will not be liable to the user or to third parties for the content of webpages that have links to this page, or for the content of external sites reached by following links on this page.

All external website links have their own independent privacy policies. We suggest that you read these before using them.

1.8  Minors 

Minors cannot use the services available through the web without the prior authorization of their parents, guardians, or legal representatives, who will be the only persons responsible for all actions taken by the minors under their care through the web, including filling in forms with the personal data of said minors and ticking the accompanying boxes, as applicable. 

1.9 Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time by CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A. in response to changes to the law and changes to the internal policies of the organization.

CORPORACIÓN QUIPORT S.A. reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of this Privacy Policy. The changes will be published here: Privacy Policy.