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What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are saved on your browser and that allow a website or webpage to store and recover data about your browsing habits or your device. Once this information is obtained, we can better optimize the content so that is it more in keeping with your tastes, interests and preferences.

What type of cookies do we use?

 Analytics Cookies: These cookies, whether managed by us or by third parties, make it possible to count the number of users who enter the website, measure use and carry out statistical analysis, and examine how users browse the webpage, to improve our offering of content and services.

 Third-party Cookies: This website also uses cookies from other suppliers, such as:

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How will you look after my information?

We seek to safeguard all information obtained by means of all the necessary technological, technical and organizational measures that protect the custody of information from improper use, unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration. However, since the Internet is an open means of communication, we cannot absolutely guarantee that while the information reaches our system, a third party or attacker will not use it when it is in transit.

How do I disable cookies?


If you wish to delete or disable cookies from the website, it will affect the content:

  1. You will not have access to personalized content according to your preferences.
  2. We will not be able to know if you are a human or spam.

If you have decided to disable or delete cookies, this will depend on the browser you use when entering this website. Here are the guides to doing this:


Additional Notes

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Acceptance of the Cookies Policy

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