Friday, 10 November 2023

November, 2023. The Juan Santamaría International Airport (AIJS), added two new prestigious recognitions for its good practices focused on energy savings and the use of clean energy. They are the Green Airport Recognition, awarded by the Airports Council International (ACI), as well as the Renewable Electricity Seal granted by the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE).

“We are very proud to receive these awards, which reflect the commitment of AERIS, as a concerned manager, and AIJS to minimize the impact of aviation on the environment by reducing the carbon footprint as a result of improved energy performance. In addition, these awards motivate us to continue joining efforts for the development of a sustainable operation, and thus, increase the consumption of energy from renewable sources,” said Ricardo Hernandez, executive director of AERIS.


ACI’s Green Airport Recognition aims to promote the best environmental practices implemented by airports in the region and highlights those with notable achievements, as is the case of Costa Rica’s main air terminal.

The initiative gives airports the opportunity to share their main environmental projects for evaluation. This year, AIJS presented the Strategic Action Plan for the operation of an energy efficient airport, which was awarded the Special Recognition during the ICA Annual General Assembly held on Monday, November 6 in Miami, United States.

The project consists of the development of a set of actions focused on the adjustment of the equipment that is responsible for supplying cold water to the air conditioning at AIJS, in order to optimize its operation. In addition, it includes the replacement of lighting fixtures in the basement and operational optimization in the powerhouse. With this plan, savings of 263,375 kWh were achieved during 2022, which is equivalent to the monthly electricity consumption of 1,200 homes in the country.

This is the third time that AIJS has won the Green Airport Recognition. Last year, the Energy Management System, which emerged with the aim of improving energy efficiency, was recognized. While, in 2021, the special recognition was dedicated to the AERIS People in Action for the Environment program, a project aimed at the family members of AERIS employees to include sustainability practices in their daily lives that help people become aware and collectively responsible.

“We believe that energy efficiency is a key development tool, as it not only generates economic savings, but also produces an environmental and social impact. This project contributes to the commitment to the UN Agenda 2030 and to the operation of an airport under a line of sustainability because the project responds to Sustainable Development Goals number 13, Climate Action and number 7, Affordable and Clean Energy,” said Adriana Bejarano, head of Environment, Health and Safety at AERIS.

Meanwhile, the Renewable Electricity Seal, awarded by ICE since 2018, recognizes companies that make it clear that the electricity consumed is generated with renewable sources from the national matrix. According to the certificate delivered at the end of October, AIJS’s clean electricity generation reached 99.3% last year.

“The renewable electricity certificate reflects the effort that the Institution has made for years to provide our customers with continuous, quality electricity based mainly on renewable sources. For ICE it is very important that together with our customers we advance in the electrification of the economy that allows us to continue being an example and leader in these decarbonization processes. We are currently working on new clean energy projects that will allow the country to maintain high percentages of renewables and continue to be a world leader,” said Roberto Quirós, ICE’s Electricity Manager.

About AERIS Costa Rica

AERIS HOLDING COSTA RICA is a company of the CCR Group, which operates under the management model interested in the Juan Santamaría International Airport (AIJS), being in charge of its operation, maintenance, rehabilitation, construction, financing and promotion.

The company seeks to exceed the expectations of its stakeholder management contract in a cross-cutting manner to sustainability, generating social, environmental and economic value. AERIS is committed to providing a “Pura Vida” travel experience for passengers transiting through the main gateway to the country and to generate positive impact to Costa Rica and its stakeholders.

AERIS draws on the experience of its parent companies: HAS Development Corporation and Grupo CCR of Brazil, the latter as the main shareholder and with stakes in the international airports of Quito Ecuador, Curacao and Belo Horizonte in Brazil.

It currently connects Costa Rica with 36 destinations around the world, through 25 international commercial airlines and two domestic airlines that operate in its facilities.